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Terms of Service

Statue of Thomas Jefferson, with a quote from the Declaration of Independence behind it, inside the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Hollis Pictures)
By using any site in Hollis Innovations, LLC's ("Hollis Innovations") network, you agree to abide by all terms, conditions, notices, and policies, and to use the site in a way that does not violate any law, domestic or international. You also agree to the legal stipulations found here. By using any site in our network ("our site"), you waive your rights to seek out legal damages over the value of our site and its content, which does not include original content along with any copyright, trademark, or service mark, registered or unregistered. Read the legal policy for more information. If you do not agree to this policy, along with our other policies, you cannot use any site in our network. Be sure to read these policies carefully. You agree to not use any original content on our site without the express consent of Hollis Innovations unless a policy exists on a particular section of our site which allows content on that section to be used without permission. If you are unsure about which content is original content and which is not, contact us. You agree to use our site at your own risk, meaning that we are not responsible for any damage that our site may inflict to you in any way, physical or emotional, or to any belonging of yours, such as your computer. We will not be liable in any way, including financially responsible. This also applies to any site we link you to.

In submitting any idea or suggestion to Hollis Innovations, you agree that we may use that idea or suggestion in any way that we see fit, with no obligation to the submitter, no matter what the case. In other words, you will not be compensated by Hollis Innovations, or any of its sites, partners, affiliates, or employees. If you do not agree with these terms, do not submit any idea or suggestion to us.

You further agree that any content submitted is yours and that you will be liable for any copyright infringement lawsuit brought about by a third party.

It is your responsibility to follow all laws in your locality, no matter what. Some contests for example may not be applicable in your region. A minor under the age of eighteen may not be able to participate in some activities on our site in one state, province, or country, while they may in another state, province, or country. There may be other cases where some areas of the site, and some features, are against the law in your state, province, or country.

If you do not accept our policies and agreements, you cannot visit our network, ever.

If you believe that your work has been used on our site, and you have not been given credit, please contact us.

Hollis Innovations has the right to ban a user at any time, for any specified or unspecified amount of time, based on any action that the company finds inappropriate.

Any misuse of our brand, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or any material under protection at Hollis Innovations, by the company, or by its employees, are not to be used without the express written consent of Hollis Innovations. Any violation will be grounds for prosecution. A copyright, trademark, service mark, or any other material does not have to be registered with local, state, federal, or international offices of a government. First use of an unregistered copyright, trademark, or service mark, means that they cannot be used by another individual or corporation. Registration only helps with court cases, and gives international recognition of an already used mark. Any use of a mark that we have initiated use of already, meaning that we were the first to use it, is prohibited.

Any misuse by an affiliate who is granted temporary use of our brand, based on the conditions set, is grounds for prosecution. This would include misrepresentation of the logo and/or other marks and content displayed on the affiliates site. Any misuse is subject to immediate ban from our network and prosecution.

Most likely, your computer will not suffer damage from going to our website. Our network is not much different from any other site on the internet. For example, a page that uses a lot of memory may lock up your computer, which may make you have to restart it. If this happened, you would lose any work that you were working on since the last time it was saved, if it was saved at all. You should close the programs you are not using when you go to a page that is likely to use a lot of memory. If you do this, your computer should be fine, but we cannot guarantee it.

Please review our other policies below:

You may only use our sites if you agree to all of these policies.

Updated July 4th, 2024